What I Offer

More than just “by the rules”


Good writing comes at a cost, and often that cost is hours of revision and editing. While you can handle the revision, let me handle the editing. I go through your work thoroughly, not just picking out the obvious things, but really considering if what you’ve said is the best way for you to say it. I look at your sentences on their own and together. I help guard against mistakes that mark you as an amateur (no endless “said” substitutes here), but I also know that sometimes what works isn’t what’s conventional. I help un-stilt dialogue and un-purple prose, yet I leave your voice and your story intact. 

And that’s just for copy editing.

In proofreading, I check for consistency of usage and spelling. Do you want an Oxford comma? You can have it. Prefer to leave it out? That’s okay too. But if you’ve misplaced a hyphen, forgotten a period or used the wrong “their/there/they’re,” I will find it, and I will fix it. Using the Chicago Manual of Style as my guide, I will get your book as close to perfection as I possibly can. You and your readers will thank me.


Types of Editing

What do You need?

There are three different types of editing that most authors will need: content editing, copy editing and proofreading. 

Comprehensive/Developmental/Content Editing

Content/developmental editing is the most labor intensive type of editing, and the type that will require the biggest changes to your novel. It addresses story, character, arc, pacing and many other aspects. Much of content editing happens while you are revising, before you ever need an editor, though there are editors who offer this service. 

Copy/Line Editing

Copy editing focuses on words and how you use them. It addresses detail, adverb abuse, passive voice, showing vs. telling, etc. It’s much more nitty-gritty than content editing, but it doesn’t typically get into the punctuation. Further proofreading is almost always necessary.


Proofreading focuses on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency. This is important both for readability and credibility. No amount of beautiful prose can compensate for bad spelling and grammar. On the other hand, no amount of proofreading will make up for the lack of copy or content editing. All three are necessary.

My services focus on copy editing and proofreading to ensure you get the best edit for your money.


  • Copy Editing $1.75/Page
  • Proofreading $1.00/Page


Actual charges are determined by the length of the manuscript. One page is equal to 250 words.

Only half of payment is required up front. I will accept the second half once you are satisfied with the work.


A sample edit will get you a free edit of the first 1000 words of your manuscript.



Request a sample edit

Please provide a word count, a brief summary and  what kind of edit you expect. Then just attach the first 1000 words of your manuscript (approx. 4 double-spaced pages) to get a free sample edit.