Happy 2018! I can’t believe it’s the new year already. December crept up on me, but January just jumped out of the bushes! Keeping up with the blog is difficult since my son doesn’t like me to use my computer, but he more or less ignores my phone, so that’s where I’m writing this!

Writing Goals

This year, I really believe I can get something new published. I decided last October to rewrite my first novel again (which I started when I was 12 and rewrote at 16). It has good bones, but it lacks all the technique I learned in college. I’ve got about 7,000 words to this rewrite  already, and I hope to finish it this year (my goal is April).

That means I need to write more often. A lot more often.

Since my son doesn’t like me using my laptop while he’s awake (he grabs it and pulls it down), and since I have a million things to do while he naps, my goal is to use my phone and Google Drive/docs to work on it. Here’s hoping it works!

Other Goals

Aside from writing, I do have several other things I hope to accomplish. Mostly, I’ve been working on cooking more of our own food. I dislike cooking. It usually takes too long for the payoff. But I have an app that gives me a meal plan, so I don’t have to decide what to eat (which is 85% of what I dislike about cooking).

I’d also like to start doing BookTube reviews. I’ve been thinking about doing it for a couple years, but I haven’t, for various excuse-y reasons. A friend of mine from the Philippines recently started her own channel, and I saw that and thought, why can’t I if she can? (She’s really good, too.) I’m not entirely sure when I will start, since I need to finish reading something first, but I’d like to do one before the end of January.

I’m always thinking of other things I want to do or wish I could do, but I never seem to have the time or the energy or the funds to accomplish them. I have to keep my Rubik’s cube analogy (if you haven’t read that, go here) in mind as I do this. Things don’t happen all at once, but I do need to work on having a long-term picture in view. I find myself living day to day, and I don’t like it. It takes the enjoyment and meaning out of life.

So, those are the things I’ve been thinking about for this year. What are you goals for the New Year?


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