Why You Need Editing

As a writer, you know that you’re not perfect. You’ve slaved over your story for months or years, trying to get it just right, but now you need another pair of eyes to spot the problems you’ve grown accustomed to. Don’t worry; everyone does.

Clunky prose, bad dialogue, and punctuation errors pull readers out of their immersion. No matter how you plan to publish—or even if you’ve already sent your book into the world—I am here to help.

About the Editor

One evening when I was four years old, I grabbed a purple Crayola marker, some scrap paper that my dad didn’t need anymore, and one of my big sisters. I sat her down and told her I wanted to write a story, and since I couldn’t read, I needed her to write for me. I told her a story about a king, his queen, and a book called “The Big Book of B.” From then on, I have been in love with stories and the written word.