Polish your Prose


Your story deserves to shine. Copy editing looks at each sentence, paragraph, and page and considers both context and meaning. It reduces bad habits, errors, and weak phrasing and makes your writing flow.



Your Style, Your voice

Sometimes rules need to be broken, and a good editor will know that. I will always take into account your style, your voice and your story while editing, and you will always have the power to accept or reject the suggestions I make. I never want to destroy what makes you “you.”

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Refine your Readability

Proofreading focuses on grammar, punctuation, spelling, and consistency. This is important both for readability and credibility. No amount of beautiful prose can compensate for bad spelling and grammar. 



You Need an Editor

As a writer, you know that you’re not perfect. You’ve slaved over your story for months or years, trying to get it just right, but now you need another pair of eyes to spot the problems you’ve grown accustomed to. Don’t worry; everyone does.

Clunky prose, bad dialogue, and punctuation errors pull readers out of their immersion. No matter how you plan to publish—or even if you’ve already sent your book into the world—I am here to help.

What Others Have Said:

“Cecelia gave multiple suggestions on ways to improve the original manuscript and stuck with my flavor of writing while drawing on more deep points of view and more mood-enhancing descriptions. It was a great experience to see how the story could be stronger.”

Nese Ellyson

“Cecelia considers the novel as a whole while she’s editing, including character and plot development, which is reflected in her comments. I found this approach far superior to other editors that might simply focus on the line editing and call it good. “

S. B. Sebrick

“I am so grateful for Cecelia’s editing on my Jake and Emma Mystery series. I never knew how many grammatical errors and simple cut and paste errors could slip through a manuscript in spite of all the eyes that were on it before publication…I’ll be working with her again.”

Linda Crowder